Contemporary Southwest Jewelry & Accessories

Individually crafted by Native American artists in the U.S.A., using only the finest materials and craftsmanship


Discover the new B. G. Mudd, where contemporary design teams up with the colors of the Southwest. Founded 43 years ago by Gary Gordon who entered the southwest jewelry scene as a pioneer of inlay jewelry, B. G. Mudd continues to produce iconic designs of sterling silver or 14kt, as well as 18kt, gold with natural stone inlay, highly regarded for their superior craftsmanship. Constantly reinterpreting and revolutionizing the jewelry of the southwest, there is a newness to the designs of B. G. Mudd that continues to attract and add to its loyal following, while influencing and serving as inspiration to the jewelry of the region.

Contemporary Southwest Jewelry

Jewelry of sterling silver, 14kt or 18kt gold with high quality hand-selected stone inlay and impeccable craftsmanship embodies the superb level of outstanding design that is B. G. Mudd. Smartly designed to evoke the culture of the Southwest, B. G. Mudd goes modern with artistic finesse that adds to the ingenuity of this unique, contemporary Southwest jewelry.


B. G. Mudd transforms men’s and women’s accessories with sophisticated panache, lending a cool edge to its cufflinks, money clips and belt buckles. Coveted designs of vibrant colors offer eye-catching splash to every wardrobe, making B. G. Mudd a longstanding bestseller of contemporary Southwest accessories for men and women. Your choice of sterling silver, 14kt or 18kt gold.

Every piece is individually crafted with an eye for color, form, and movement

Our home is the Four Corners region; a place considered not only sacred, but stunningly beautiful. Every day we see something new and inspiring that we want to express in our work. It is a place that captures the heart and soul.

Working with award-winning artists, we present to you collections of jewelry and accessories that truly reflect their birthplace. Combining traditional Native American and contemporary southwestern design, our works are inspired by the colors of the beautiful southwest that surround us. Each individual piece is a gift from nature, expressed by hand.

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